Was passiert in Belo

Bericht zur Lage in Belo – 05-05-2018

Die Stimme einer jungen Frau in Kumba:

„Oh! sir, I could not help but weep and weep as I go through that article from Belo.
It is indeed a great shame that brothers are fighting against brothers and killing and destroying our country.

It is not happening only in Belo but our entire south west region too. The list of villages that their houses have been burnt and families that have been displaced it devastating. A lot of fighting and killing are still going on.
Even in Kumba we  we have left our beds and now sleep on the floor because we are running from bullet.

I wish our people can fine time to dialogue because it will go along. We must not fight against persons but injustice. Nonviolence should be our weapon.  But I weep over and over because the crisis has escalated and it is still growing worst“

I was busy today volunteering to register some of the internally displaced people in Kumba so that they can receive small gift  to help themselves with.“

Registrierung von Flüchtlingen aus dem kamerunischen Regenwald in Kumba/Kamerun: